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Liposuction Cavitation Machine 45mins.

Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Machine Anti Treatment

  • 45 min
  • 110 Bermudan dollars
  • Hamilton

Service Description

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Machine Anti Cellulite: Treatment Sessions? ​ Ultrasonic cavitation is performed with noninvasive machines that target specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves (they are what put the “ultrasonic” in “ultrasonic cavitation”) and, in some cases, light suction. ​ This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin’s surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream. Proponents of the procedure believe that the body is then able to process these fatty acids through its proverbial waste-disposal plant: the lymphatic system. ​ Combine with Radio-frequency skin tightening (RF), Wikipedia describes it in general terms very well:  This therapy is an aesthetic technique that uses RF (radio frequency) energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.  ​ The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.  We combine two of this technology together to produces the Best Results when used alongside Ultrasonic Cavitation technology.  ​ These Top-performing units adopt both technologies within the one unit, and for effective results, you really need both, Basically, the Ultrasonic Cavitation breaks down fat cells which then naturally are removed from the body over a 72 hour period.  ​ The Radio-Frequency (RF) aspect of the unit produce frequencies that go deep within the skin's surface. The frequencies create a comfortable but effective heat within the fat cells. This raise in temperature causes lipids and triglycerides to be released fat cells and removed from the body. ​ We are using a High-Quality Combined Ultrasonic Cavitation (UC) and Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening machine is for the following Effective Results.  : - ​ 1. Break down of fat cells (UC) 2. Aids the removal of fat from the body (UC) 3. Toning and tightening of the body area (UC) 4. Heat deep fat cells & tissue (RF) 5. Stimulate collagen production to increase the strength of your skins  6. connective tissue (RF) 7. Increase the elasticity of the skin to provide a tight beautiful cellulite-free      appearance (RF) ​ Ultrasound fat Cavitation provides real, measurable results. You’ll be able to see how many circumferences you’ve lost using a tape measure — or by simply looking in the mirror. ​ ​

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be made 24hrs. In advance to avoid a charge for the full service.

Contact Details

  • Hamilton, Bermuda


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